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Steel Crafts designs and manufactures cookware that will meet and satisfy all necessary requirements.

Our Premium Quality Multi-ply stainless steel cookware best meets your needs if you are:

  • A global brand looking for a high quality supply partner for ODM/OEM products;
  • An up-market cookware retail outlet;
  • A direct marketing company looking for an high quality, exclusive design cookware range;
  • Searching for exclusive high-end Multi-ply stainless steel and induction compatible cookware range for private labels. (Household and commercial industry);
  • Looking for an expert to tailor a premium quality cookware range for you.


Steel Crafts Europa has developed its multi-layered stainless steel material with detailed precision and extreme high temperature by forging epoch-making materials - SCE Clad, which is anti-scratch, sturdy and durable. Rapid and even heat conductivity with no added chemicals makes our cookware a dream to use and simple to clean.

Thickness Varied Design

SCE's ergonomic clad technology has allowed for innovative body thickness variations. Such innovation is suited for all applications and all cooking methods. With a thick bottom and thin side-walls it reduces body weight by 25% and enhances thermal conductivity by more than 30%. Excellent thermal storage also minimizes fumes, conserves energy thus makes cooking an enjoyable and simple event.

Evolution of SCE Clad


1. Single Layer Pot
Non-even heat transmission, easily sticks and burns
2. Additional Base Pot/ Sandwich bottom Pot
Even heat transmission only at the bottom due to welding and material variability
3. Multi-Ply Flow Pot
Multi-ply flow pot reduces chances of sticks and burns however decrease thermal conductivity to its side-walls
4. Thickness Varied Design
SCE Clad creates even heat transmission whilst being 25% lighter in weight and allows for 30% faster head transmission compared to Multi-ply flow pot



5. With Advanced technology of "SCE Clad", there are 6 unique features of SCE Clad: